So why start a blog? Have I not enough things to fill my day? In a word, yes........... so the housework will have to go 'by the bye'! Simples!

This blog, I hope, will serve about three purposes.

1. It is an account of the lives of my two boys, Rufus and Basil. A keepsake or living memory box. I hope to be able to look back over time and really see the progress we have all made.

2.  I plan to set goals and training projects. In doing so in a public blog I am making myself accountable to anyone who wishes to follow our progress. "My name's Karen and I'm going to train my dogs to........"!

3.  In the same way that I have picked up tips from following friends' blogs, I hope that our journey may inspire others to take on little training projects or have a go at grooming. Alternatively you may just wish to sit back and enjoy!

I am a dog owner. I am not a professional groomer nor am I a professional dog trainer. This is a journey of discovery, training and grooming. There will inevitably be lows along the way but I truly hope there will be highs too. This blog website is a work in progress and as I am not particularly technically gifted it may take me a while to get to grips with how everything works. Bear with me and do pop back regularly.

It's a wonderful life .......It's a Cockapoo Life!


15/3/2012 05:33:00 pm

Karen, I think that you've done a great job setting up this blog and it has been really interesting reading the first few posts about the agility competitions and how you managed to get started on grooming.
I look forward to reading more about what you plan to do and whether you do manage to achieve what you set out to,

Ron Martin (Arrem)
15/3/2012 09:34:52 pm

Wow, impressive!
You've done a very good job here Karen. I look forward to reading more about Basil, Rufus (and yourself of course).

12/4/2012 11:40:28 pm

HI Karen - thought I would have a look via the link on CCGB. It is great and definitely seems that blogging is the way to go. Will look again soon to see how you are doing. Love the agility videos - well done. I don't think anyone appreciates what hard work it is until they try it!

5/12/2013 10:28:37 pm

I bet when you started your little blog you didn't think you'd start to have "fans" so I'm sure it is odd to hear this but I'm such an admirer! What you've done helping to found the breed club in GB is incredible and you're a real inspiration to us in the US! We hope we can model the amazing things you've done for this wonderful dog and the people that love them. THANK YOU so much for taking the time out of your busy day to run this blog. People like me really garner a lot of joy in reading. :-)


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