Well I've done it! I've actually competed in a proper agility competition at last!

The moons were in alignment this weekend with my disabled son in respite care and my two teenagers occupied and Gareth away on tour. So, with just me and the dogs and a UKA competition just an hour's drive away it was a no-brainer!

I just took part in two UKA competitions at Mapledurham : Beginners Agility and Beginners Steeplechase.

I had Rufus officially measured whilst I was there too as UK Agility have an extra height category. They have Toy (Small), Midi (Medium), Standard (between Medium and Large) and Maxi (Large). Most people I spoke to thought Rufus might be Standard height rather than large. He had been measured Large for the Kennel Club. The maximum height for Standard jumps is 500mm. Rufus measured 497mm!! That converts to 19.56" so a fraction shorter than I had been claiming (20").

Beginners Agility
His 'wait' at the start was non existent - naughty boy! and I have probably set back my training of him by a good 8 weeks by letting him continue on but I really wanted to see what we could achieve. We did get a big E (elimination) as he back jumped a jump instead of coming around it. It was entirely my fault and if that hadn't have happened we'd have gone clear with a possibility of a placement . Please check out his weaves and his constant checking back to get direction ......I was sooooooo proud of him!
Beginners Steeplechase

Steeplechase courses are made up of jumps and rigid tunnels and so are ideal for people starting out without sound contacts or weaves!

Rufus's reluctance to wait on this one really cracks me up when I watch it! Watch me move when I realise he's broken his wait! It was really important to get a wait on this one as the second jump was a right turn and not straight down the enticing row of jumps straight ahead! However, having jumped the first jump he waited for direction for the next jump! We got 5 faults on this one (I think! ) as I didn't turn him soon enough for a left turn and he circled the jump before jumping it and then continuing clear.
I absolutely loved every minute of it. Can't wait until the next competition now!
Gareth Lauder
1/3/2013 10:41:16 am

love the site! we live in Belfast and are the proud owner of an 18 month old bundle of cockapoo insanity (Rudy) who is really enjoying his new BARF diet. Your site was really helpful and I'm sure that if Rudy could speak English he would thank you lovingly for never having to eat kibble ever again!


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